Would you defend the speech rights of those with whom you disagree?

Everywhere you look, people are wrong about things. They are wrong about politics, vaccines, the presidency, faith, parenting, racism, and a whole lot more. You hear it at work, among friends, at home, and certainly online.

One of our prevailing national values has been the right of all to speak freely (enshrined in the First Amendment), no matter the rightness or wrongness of what they have to say.

Many have worked to protect that freedom, even for (perhaps especially for) their political and cultural opponents. Consider the Jewish lawyer who defended the right of Neo-Nazis to hold an anti-Jewish rally. His revulsion at their message was overridden by his commitment to the idea that the “freedom of speech is a universal right no matter how offensive the message or the speaker.”

Regarding those people with their wrong ideas, would you be willing to defend to speak about them publicly?

Or going a bit deeper—would you be willing to endure personal discomfort to defend their right?

I’m genuinely curious as to where folks are on this right now.

Would love to hear your take, and how you got there.