Spiritual Junk

These fruits are full of Life, full of life-giving nutrients. They are good. God has called them good. Compare them to the following.

But don't we just crave the junk? Haven't we lost our appetite for the good stuff?

I was thinking about this because today in my Oswald Chambers reading he said, "It is only when we get hungry spiritually that we receive the Holy Spirit." Someone once said that when you are truly hungry, you don't want to do anything but eat. That is all you think about. You don't want to sleep, you don't want to be entertained, you don't want to laugh or talk or hug... you want to EAT. So can we very often say we are truly hungry for more of the Holy Spirit, so much so that we will trade sleep and food and entertainment to get more of Him?

I thought, Lord, how can I be more hungry? That is when I thought of the fruit. How do you get more hungry for fruits and vegetables? Simple. Stop stuffing yourself with junk, and guarantee, you will begin to get hungry, so hungry that fruits and vegetables will become so wonderfully appealing to you again.

Stop stuffing yourself with junk. "Let us lay aside that which contaminates body and spirit." How have I been stuffing my spirit with junk? When I begin to eliminate the spiritual junk food, I will begin to develop a deeper hunger for Spiritual Real Food. Good food. Holy Spirit food.