She Still Sings To Me

Oh Africa, how I wish I could get lost in you.

No tangles of this western proper life, cords of instant friends on a bright screen, and loneliness Loneliness.

Africa, take me to your arms of vibrant colors, the solace and awe of your dusks, the rooster's call of a new day... no beeping, no snoozing, no sleeping. Alive and awake.

Sister land, why do you call me so? Why do you draw me in? White American girl, yet you call with every beat of drum, every child laugh and cry, big sad eyes. I long to embrace you.

Africa, are all of my dreams of you true? Free to be still-- still enough to love, to sit, to stare, to smile. Rice, dirt and a flowy skirt.

A child's smile that sends my heart flying, to hold a baby dying, and love... and love til poured out and filled up again.

Africa, I still hear your song.