One Line At A Time

"nulla dies sine linea"

The latin proverb that says, "not a day without a line." Some add, "not a day without a line drawn." It refers to the practice of your art, be it painting, writing, the etudes on a piano, learning to pray.

Recently, we've been giving our home a little upfit. Spell check tells me that's not a word but I like it, and if "twerk" can make it into the dictionary I think upfit deserves a chance. After much painting with my mom who came over to help, I began to do some simplifying. I went through our many books and sorted them, picking ones to say goodbye to (this is no easy task). In one particular book that used to belong to Matt's Grandpa Shaw, who was a poet and college professor, I found this book mark with the latin proverb. It now sits on our piano.

Not a day without a line. It reminds me to take the step, to do just a little bit. Every single day. One step, one bit. We all can do one small thing each day. Pick one thing this week to do every day. Even if it's just before bed and you remember, do that one small thing. (Is it exercise you want? Do 20 squats. A lifestyle of prayer? Take five minutes. Want to write a book? Start with a paragraph, or as the proverb suggests, even a line.)

The secret is in the small step, not the gigantic leaps. The small steps are sustainable, habit-forming. Anyone can do this.