Mentors Matter

A friend of mine, Karen Trigg, has this beautiful ministry called Ruth's Hope. She is passionate about pouring what she has learned in her walk with Jesus into others in a very transparent, refreshing and thought-provoking way. She disciples young women and opens her home to become a safe place for many.

She recently asked me to write a guest post on her blog about my own experience with being mentored. I am including the first few paragraphs of my post here, then you can head over to Ruth's Hope if you're interested in reading the full piece:

Since my earliest memories, I remember longing for Jesus. I don’t know why or how, but somehow I just knew that I was for Him and He was for me.

It is one thing to long for Jesus, and another thing entirely to live for Jesus. That was going to take more than just a feeling. I knew I needed help in this journey to really flesh out the desires in my heart to live and breathe for Him.

For much of my life that help has come from books. Authors, ranging from the first century to modern day, have become my in-house mentors, always there for me at a moment’s notice. That sweet gift that has helped me through many seasons, and is one I still utilize and cherish today; however in my reading I began to long for a face-to-face person to talk to about the specific issues and questions I was facing in life.

So, somewhere in my college years, I began praying for a mentor...

I invite you to head over to my friend Karen Trigg's blog for the rest of this post!